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Position for Gameplay programmer


We are a team of skilled developers who formed a VR studio 4 years ago in order to bring VR mech games to the market!


We are in the final stages of the game in terms of an enjoyable and well-tuned toy to play with. we are now starting work on game modes and core loops. We have a robust assembly line for both mechs and weapons that allows us to quickly concept, test, and polish new game content.


We are looking for a skilled programmer experience in VR interaction and game design. We are a small and upbeat team so it’s very important that we get along as friends as we will be working very closely together.  You should also be excited to brainstorm with the team and interact with our large discord community.


Your main tasks will be to support the development of game mechanics, modes, and core gameplay loops as we cockpit interactions, buttons, toggles, triggers, and joysticks. As you become more familiar with our designs and mission we will expect more participation and input from you about, systems, game design and the overall direction of this game’s soul as we are very open to constructive feedback.


  • The game is being made in Unity


  • Should have experience with VR as well as own a PC VR headset 


  • The codebase is in C#

  • This is a full time paid position

If interested please reach out!


Discord: Jspice#6079 or Email:

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